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From: mike loggerman
Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs pt 25The next morning,I was in the cafeteria by myself having breakfast. Keith
had an early class. The African guy I met in the shower came over and cp lolita child nude sat
with me. I gave him the nickname Kal, because I coudn't pronounce his full
name. He asked if I was free that morning, and since i only had a lab, and
figured I could miss it, I said I was free. He said we could mess around in
his room, but I would have to have sex with his roomate too if we did. I
told him that would be fine, then asked who his roomate was. When he told
me, I almost fell over. It was Gene, this guy who was kinda grungy. He
kept to himself, but I dont think he showered more than once a week.After breakfast, I followed Kal up to his room. Gene was sitting at his
desk in sweats, and smiled when i came in. Kal slipped out of his clothes
and sat on his bed. I got on my knees between his legs and started sucking
his cock. Gene watched as I took more and more of Kal's big black cock in
my mouth and down my throat. Gene was rubbing his cock through his sweats.
He took off his shirt, revealing a hairy chest, a little flabby, but kinda
hot looking. Kal leaned back on the bed and I stood up. Gene came up
behind me and took off my shirt. He reached around me and felt my tits. I
liked feeling his warm body against my back as he played with me. I could
feel his hard cock agaisnt my crack dark lolita free galleries and I could smell his funky body odor.
He pulled down my shorts and briefs and i stepped out of them. He rubbed my
ass cheeks and slid his middle finger deep in my ass. I loved him handling
me this way. I turned around with my back to Kal and impaled my ass on
Kal's huge cock. I slowly moved up and down on Kal while Gene stood in
front of me. I felt his hairy chest while I licked his treasure trail from
his navel down to his cock. He lifted his arms and I played with his sweaty
pits and licked them. He said if he knew I was into this, he would have
fucked me a long time ago. Kal was thrusting lolita bbs preteen stories in and out of my ass slowly rolling lolitas pre teen sex
over my prostate.
Gene's cock was a thick hairy seven inches. I swirled my tongue around
his head, tasting piss, stale cum and sweat. I felt his big hairy balls as
I took his cock in my mouth and moved up and down his shaft. I took him
deeply into my mouth so I could smell his very musky crotch. They both
were moaning. Gene stopped me several times because he was close to
cumming. Kal thrust harder and faster into me, and I moved back and forth
on his big cock,feeling his pubes cp lolita child nude
against my ass. Kal started thrusting
harder, and I felt his cum shooting deep inside me. I got off him and Gene
had me lie down on the edge of his bed. He lifted my legs and thrust his
cock inside me. The sight of him thrusting in and out of me was exciting.
Kal lay beside me and stroked my cock as Gene fucked me. I told Kal I was
going to cum and he started stroking me harder and faster. I started to cum
and shot my load on my chest and stomach. As I climaxed, my ass tightened
around Gene's cock, and he shot his load inside me. Gene licked the cum off
me, and while he did, Kal got a paper cup, and held it by my ass and told me
to push. I couldnt believe how much cum came out of my ass. Kal drank part
of it, and gave the rest to Gene. Kal said where he came from, eating
another man's cum gave you some of his strength. I sucked them both clean.
Gene said he loved my pussy and would take care of me anytime I wanted his
cock.Kal said he had to go to class and got a quick shower and left. Gene said
he was still horny and asked if I would stick around for round two. I said
I would, and asked him to get on all fours. I got behind him and parted his
cheeks while I licked and tongued his ass. He had a pretty hairy crotch,
and I loved licking him from his balls to his ass. He had me stand up and
he sat on the bed. He started sucking my cock and pulled me into him. He
seemed to really enjoy my small cock, and I loved him sucking me. He lay
back on the bed and I got on top of him. I worked his big cock inside me
and started to ride him. I moaned softly as he moved me up and down on his
cock. He told me Kal wanted to fuck him, but he only let him do it once
because his cock was too big. He said if I wanted to fuck him, he would
like to try it. I rode his cock harder, and he shot a second load in my
ass. He had me get off him and had me lie on the bed. He got on top of me
and lowered himself on my five inch rod. He moved back and forth on me,
telling me how good my cock felt inside him. I started thrusting my cock
inside him as he moved back and forth. I told him I was going to cum and he
squeezed his tight ass and I shot my load in his butt. He got off me and
kissed me. I told him any time he wanted to do it again, to let me know.I went upstairs and took a shower to get his funky smell off me. I was
still horny, and no one was around, so I started to stroke myself in the
shower. The shower door opened, and I stopped stroking and acted like I was
just showering. It was the red haired nerd I used to mess around with when
I lived on another floor. He said he knocked on my door but I wasnt
there. I asked if everything was ok, and he said it was. He said he was
just horny, and wanted to know if I could help him out. He never really did
much to satisfy me, but I liked his red pubes, so I told him I'd be out of
the shower in a few minutes. He said we didn't have to wait, and he got
undressed and got in the shower. I got on my knees and sucked his cock
while I played with his hot little russian lolitas carrot red pubes. His eyes rolled back as I deep
throated him. He had me get up and he soaped my ass. I leaned agaisnt the
shower wall as he positioned his cock against my hole. With my ass having
been fucked by two big cocks, I didn't need priming, so I told him to just
slide it into me. He held my thighs tightly as he thrust harder and
harder into my ass. He reached around and stroked my cock as he fucked
me. His moans echoed against the lolita 16 yo topless shower room walls. I felt him throb, and
he shot his huge load in my ass. He washed his cock off, and used my towel
to dry himself, and he left. I washed my ass again, and this time I was
sore. I dried myself as best I could with a wet towel, and went to my
room. Keith's friends may have not been attracted to me, but there were
plenty of guys who were.WHen Keith got back from classes, he took off his clothes and lay in bed
with me. I felt his hairy ass and started fingering his hairy hole. He
knew I loved eating his ass, so he got on top of me and started sucking my
cock as I ate his hairy hole. As i worked his hole, I started tasting
cum. It was still kinda fresh, and i asked whose it was. He said it was a
surprise for later. All he would tell me was that I should prepare for
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